Crushers Football (Soccer) Club, A Non-Profit Association
277 Chalan Santo Papa St., Hagatna, Guam 96910
Club Contact Person:  Carla Torres Haddock
Telephone:  479-0000 Facsimile:  479-4329

About Crushers Football (Soccer) Club

The Crushers Football (Soccer) Club is a lawfully registered non-profit association founded in 1989 and based in the Island of Guam, an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the Western Pacific. Our goal is to provide a supervised program to teach the sport of football (soccer) to the youth of Guam, to promote the values of good sportsmanship and teamwork through organized sports, and to provide a supervised program of competitive games in Guam under the rules and policies of the Federation International de Football Association, the Robbie Webber Youth Soccer Association, the Guam Football (Soccer) Association, and/or the Asian Football Confederation.

Crushers Football (Soccer) Club
A Non-Profit Association
277 Chalan Santo Papa
Hagta, Guam 96910
Web Site:

Contact: Ray Haddock
Telephone: 479-0000;
Facsimile: 477-0001

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About the Robbie Webber Youth Soccer Association

The Robbie Webber Youth Soccer Association, a non profit organization, was founded in 1990 and is affiliated with the Guam Football (Soccer) Association and Asian Football Confederation. There are 9 clubs registered with the RWYSA. The RWYSA organizes two leagues per year. The leagues run approximately 11 weeks with 10 regular games and a jamboree on the 11th week. For the lower divisions, Under 6 through Under 10, the RWYSA League is Non-Competitive.  The RWYSA League will be competitive for Under 12 through Under 16 Divisions. The concept of the league for all divisions is to teach the game of soccer, develop skills, promote self-esteem and instill values such as fair play and good sportsmanship. Players and Parents who participate in the RWYSA league are required to adhere to the FIFA fair play code of conduct at all times.



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